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Make Your Unique

Posted October 25, 2020  |  News

Making your holiday home unique

Every holiday home, petite or grand can be unique, you just have to fall in love with it again.

Spoiler Alert: Not all who scribe the guestbook with “…we will definitely come back again”, do so. A fabulous time was likely had by all, but there is such an astounding array of self catering accommodation now, that it has never been more important to stand out from the competition and attract new guests.

Occasionally, owners can overlook the concept that property is not just a page on an investment portfolio; properties have soul. They aren’t anchored in time and they change with the seasons. Holiday homes especially so – they see hundreds of guests pass through year on year, each time new memories are cast and experiences are had by the friends, families and pets who live out their vacation in your home.

Your accommodation is a huge part of the holiday experience and it should be memorable. There should be talking points, a history or context behind the property and a balance struck between calming tones and contrasting interior design, capable of shocking the senses!

So be bold, brave and creative. Why did you invest in this property in the first place? What connection does it have with its owner or the region? And can we celebrate that through a vibrant new colour scheme, or by introducing a novel focal feature?


Holidays should be lived in the moment, but they should also create lasting memories. Release your inner creativity and make your holiday homes unique!


Watch Hill

Happy wife, happy life they say.

I say, distracted kids, five minutes peace.

This room has been redesigned with an easy life in mind. Presenting the all new children’s room, feature wallpaper, hardwearing easily treatable carpet, novelty bunk beds and dedicated play kitchen area complete with recipe board. Maybe it will distract the little darlings for long enough to enjoy that sea view with a glass of Pimms? Maybe not. At least we tried!



At first glance, this looks like a polaroid of one of my nan’s floral themed bedrooms from the 80s. Wrong decade apparently.

The owners of this home have embraced a chapter in their property’s history. This is fabric wallpaper from the 1990s and the interior design for this bedroom flows onwards from this foundation, statement piece. Not everyone’s cup of tea I’m sure, but certifiably unique.


Chy An Vre

For me personally, the unique highlight in this home is the significance of the sisal rope chandelier on the stairwell. This feature is underwhelmingly modest, suspended against the vivid colour themes running through the cottage.

Nevertheless, not only did the lamp conjure up childhood memories of the random furniture in the Cornish farmhouse that I grew up in, the light forges a direct connection between the former fisherman’s cottage and the eternal maritime history in Port Issac. A glowing beacon bridging land and sea, guiding you up to bed…or one too many Rattler perhaps? Anyway, I love it.

For more perspective on this property see Our Properties and next month’s Blog – a Road Test of Chy an Vre.


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