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Laundry Services

In-house commercial laundry services

Beds First

We spend approximately one third of our lives sleeping, and by extension therefore, one third of our holidays.


From the very beginning we have made quality beds and linen a priority. This is why we established our own dedicated commercial laundry to sister and partner our property management.


Hand Ironed & Steam Pressed Linen

At Jurassic Coast Laundry Services every fitted sheet is hand ironed, so that when a bed is made up it’s fresh, tight and easy on the eye.


Owners who opt to use our laundry services are eligible for discounted competitive pricing, safe in the knowledge that their bedding and towels are well cared for.


To Hire or Invest?

Deciding whether to hire your property linen or purchase your own sets can be difficult. We’re happy to advise and consult with owners on such decisions.


We have a great understanding of what linen and towels will provide longevity and investment, for further information see our sister company and get in touch.


Jurassic Coast Laundry Services

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