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About us

An independent, knowledgeable and sustainable property management company

Unique Holiday Stays trades under Jurassic Coast Holiday Home Management Ltd. The two directors behind this business are Emilie and Joachim. Together they have built up their team and their vision organically from scratch.

Emilie and Joachim's background provide both experience and specialisms, which combine and compliment each other perfectly. Emilie with prior entrepreneurial experience and working internationally in France, brings huge passion for creating a bold portfolio of properties and interiors for families to choose from. Joachim brings his experience within operations and facilities management, risk management and HR, to underpin their business and marry up with his love for the South West.

Independence and Individuality

Emilie, Joachim, their family and their team of dedicated staff all live locally in East Devon and West Dorset and know the area intimately.

“We don’t set our business ambitions on attaining X number of properties in the portfolio, or becoming the most prolific in the area. We want to be known for having the most memorable holiday homes, and the company that people choose for organising their family get togethers.”


Unique Holiday Stays prides itself on being independent. By opting for sustainable growth and collaborating with properties and owners that we want to work with, we can offer maximum flexibility and tailored packages for property owners and guests.

A Local Affair

Unique Holiday Stays are proud of their staff, past and present who have helped them on this journey. We know all of our staff and their families personally, and we are constantly striving to achieve the healthiest work-life balance that we can offer our staff.

“In the past we’ve both worked for large companies where that rapport, intimacy and direct line of communication with customers and clients can get watered down. We don’t want to lose sight of where we started from and we have huge confidence in our local area; we live and work here and want to share that with guests”.


When guests book with UHS, over other national or international rental agencies, they’re not only booking with an equally professional company, but they are supporting a local SME who understand the area. In turn, guests and owners are supporting the chain of local suppliers, tradesmen and sub contractors which we utilise.

Making Memories and Setting Example

We have such a passion for holidays and the yarns that they foster for years to come.

Being a typical micro business, our staff are multiskilled and work hard year round. For Emilie and Joachim, when they do take time to go on holiday, the memories, laughs and experiences, are relived many times and serve to bond and galvanise with their family.

In a Friends-esque manner, we will frequently regale over dinner, ‘the one where we almost fell into the gorge’, or ‘the one where mum knocked over a row of mopeds’.

We also believe that working hard and evolving our business is important for our children. They may or may not wish to become involved in the businesses as they enter adulthood. Regardless, we are resolved in setting an example on how to nurture a livelihood from doing something that you are passionate about.


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