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Unique Holiday Stays Site Use and Conditions

• The words, ‘you’ and ‘your’ when used in these conditions relate to you and any person using this website. ‘We’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ relates to Unique Holiday Stays and our managing company Jurassic Coast Holiday Home Management LTD.

• We recommend that you read our site conditions carefully and encourage you to print a copy of them for your use and for future reference. Information on our website can be accessed freely and such information may be used without modification, providing you are in agreeance with all aspects of our site conditions which will be listed on this page.

• Prices stated on our website are subject to change and may do so without prior notice. Nothing stated on our website constitutes an offer on our part. We have the ability to accept or decline offers that you propose to us. All arrangements and offers referred to are subject to written confirmation and this is dependent on availability. No warranties, promises or representations may be given as to availability.

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• Any matters or issues between you and us will be governed by English Law, your use of this website is conditional and means you are in agreeance with such laws and therefore should any matter arise, this will be dealt with by the Courts of England and Wales only.

• We accept responsibility for your holiday bookings which have been confirmed and therefore any other holiday arrangements that have also been agreed. You must retain proof of the agreement and the legal binding contract between us. We will not accept any other liability at all.

• We shall not be liable for any loss or damage, or claim of any nature at all, whether that be directly or indirectly, in connection with this website.

• All exclusions of liability apply, only to the extent permitted by law and where consistent.

• If any exclusion is found to unenforceable for any reason or purpose, the exclusion of limitation shall be deemed severable. Such cases of this will not affect any other provisions of these conditions

• Without prejudice, we are entitled to the benefit of any applicable exclusions of liability permitted by the laws of any country found to be suited and in line with any goods or services offered by us on this website.

• The information including on this website may contain typographical errors. Information will be updated regularly however at times may be out of date.

• We reserve the right to edit & change prices when we see fit, without prior notice and therefore you must contact us via telephone or email to ensure all information of your holiday arrangements are correct before final confirmation – including the price.

• We accept no responsibility for keeping information on these pages up to date and will not be bound by it. An exception is, when mistakes may have been made and is obviously incorrect, we reserve the right to be able to honour these mistakes or correct them.

• Our website may contain links to other websites, except where they belong to us, we do not accept responsibility for the content of such websites and therefore these conditions do not apply. An exception of this is our linked & managing pages, Jurassic Coast Holiday Home Management LTD & Jurassic Coast Laundry Services LTD. Any information you may see on this website can also be seen on other pages by way of advertising.

• We make no written guarantee that this website is free from technical errors. We hold no warranty that this website does not hold forms of computer viruses which are out of our control or any other malicious computer programmes.