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Our property hosting service

We love to market holiday homes that inspire us, that excite us, that wow us. We look for homes that offer guests an escape from the everyday, a quirky seaside home, an eccentric Manor House or a fairytale chateau. If you are the proud owner of a holiday home that would fit our portfolio then its time to open it up to a world of exclusive guests.

Whether you’re looking to market your home for a few weeks or all-year-round the we can offer a flexible tailor-made and personal approach.

Every property is different so the way in which we market your home shouldn’t be then same as someone else’s and best of all we charge 0% commission for hosting your property. **

Get in touch today and find out how we can help you in a truly unique way.

** 0% commission is dependant on your property and the type of services you require.

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