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Lyme Regis, Dogs Welcome

Posted October 25, 2020  |  News

Dorset Council issue PSPO, restricting dog walking on Lyme's beaches

Takeaway message: Lyme Regis continues to welcome your four legged companions.


During October 2020 Dorset Council passed a decision to tighten the rules regarding walking dogs on the Lyme’s main Town Beach and Cobb Gate shingle beach. Between May and September it will become compulsory for dogs to be on a lead and not allowed to run free. In fact the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) regarding dogs on leads extends further to council car parks, public gardens and within five metres of sports pitches.

Despite public consultation on the matter and a petition raised against the proposed restrictions, the Council passed the new PSPO. Nevertheless Lyme Regis continues to be one of the most dog friendly resorts in the UK and there are still plenty of refuges where you can allow the pooch to let of steam.

Our favourite spot is heading south west along Monmouth Beach on a low tide, where you can explore the salty rockpools and the Jurassic Coasts famed ammonite graveyard. There is an abundance of sea life washed up for them to stick their noses in whilst they frolic and lollop freely along the shoreline.

A close second is the ever popular Church Cliff Beach just east of the mouth of the Lym. This reminds me a lot of Bamaluz beach in St Ives; as the incoming tide encroaches, the ever shrinking space creates and a barmy concentration of dogs enjoying their mad half hour!

There’s also the East Cliff Beach which extends eastwards towards Charmouth. Due care required here though, the Spittles cliffs above rank amongst the most landslip prone formations in Europe.

No trip to Lyme with your loyal companion can be complete without a trip to The Pug and Puffin where you can source a new toy and a tasty morsel for HRH.

So what are you waiting for? Pack up the pooch and pick a dog friendly property.

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