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Our Laundry Service

Welcome to Jurassic Coast Laundry Services Limited. We are a company born from another, through our sister company Jurassic Coast Holiday Home Management we found a niche in the market.

We aim to provide a one stop shop for all your laundry needs. Whether from a professional location or a private residence or even a sports club, our team of experienced staff are able to meet all your requirements in our premises, located in the heart of Devon on the beautiful Jurassic Coast.

With modern Miele equipment located in our state of the art laundry premises in Seaton, we have an attention to detail that cannot be rivalled. Our equipment includes a massive 32kg Miele washing machine, which means we can guarantee the quick turnaround you need.

We will collect your laundry, wash and iron it, and return it to your door, which we think you will appreciate frees up your vaulable time to do other things. We know that so many people have busy lives and finding time to do all the household chores can be almost impossible, which is where we come in. You will wonder why you didn’t outsource your laundry sooner!

Why not have a look at the range of laundry services we offer here (from domestic to bedding and linen) and if you want to know more or simply book us to take care of your laundry please fill out the form below.

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