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I Don’t Trust Words. I Trust Pictures.

Posted January 1, 2021  |  News

A Heartfelt Thank You, To Our Silent Partner

“I don’t trust words. I trust pictures.”

 (Gilles Peress)


Very early on in the pre-design stages for our new website, we were set on making the end user experience a visual one. However neither myself or Emilie are particularly adept with a camera and we knew that we would be ever dependent on our good friend and photographer Simon.

From our own experience, we know that when perusing your choices for holiday accommodation, that photos make a significant impact on the decision to book the property. We cannot help but judge a book by its cover, and a property by its photos. In almost every scenario, we would rather let a photo do the talking.

Simon has worked with Emilie since 2016 and provides us with an amazing service, time over. Both myself and Emilie can be incredibly fussy about staging particular shots, on particular days, in particular countries, and with particular cushions!

Much of the content on this website has been shot by Simon Tutty Photography and we are extremely grateful to him. He is our ‘silent partner’ whose contribution to our marketing and presence has been profound. This is in addition to his unfaltering positive outlook and generally jolly self.

Thank you from both of us; that’s a wrap!


Simon Tutty Photography


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